Jennifer Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer formerly served as Head of Finance & Strategic Operations at Red Envelope Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Netflix, where she had responsibility for the evaluation of all film acquisition opportunities and setting overall divisional strategy. Prior to Red Envelope, Jennifer served as Vice President, Finance at Paramount Vantage (a division of Paramount Pictures) where she was responsible for coordinating the studio’’s green-lighting of films, co-financing opportunities and talent deals. Additionally, Jennifer’’s operational duties included oversight of theatrical marketing finance and the divisional overhead budget. Jennifer worked on several Oscar-winning titles including NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, BABEL and AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. As part of this assignment, Jennifer assisted in the evaluation and closing of $150M of slate financing led by Morgan Stanley.

Prior to Paramount Vantage, Jennifer began her career in entertainment at Paramount Pictures as Manager, Motion Picture Planning, with responsibility for creating and analyzing feature film P&Ls for “green-lighting” the production and acquisition of the studio’’s major motion picture releases. In this role, Jennifer also prepared the financial model used in the evaluation and closing of Paramount’s first slate financing ($225M) led by Merrill Lynch. She started her career in corporate finance as an investment banking analyst at J.P. Morgan & Company, Inc., and subsequently worked in private equity for the leveraged buyout firm, Butler Capital Corporation.

Jennifer holds a B. S. in Business Administration, cum laude, from Georgetown University. She also has an MBA in Media Management from Columbia Business School.